Our Impact

Environmental Impact

We truly care about our impact on the environment and our responsibility as a brand. We switched from bubble mailers to recyclable and biodegradable shipping boxes as well as tissue paper. We also aim to stay away from plastic and so all jewelry comes in a reusable satin bag. Lastly, our packaging tape is made from kraft paper to make it easier to recycle all boxes!

Please note: To further eliminate waste, we do not include invoices for your order. However, if you would like one, please just let us know! We will also always include gift messages or gift receipts.


All jewelry is made-to-order to reduce waste while also offering a more unique and handmade experience. The majority of our jewelry is now stainless steel gold plated, meaning it will last a long time, is anti-tarnish, and hypoallergenic. To check specific materials for a piece, please look at the description!

Monthly Donations

10% of profits made every month will be donated directly to different organizations and charities such as Save the Children, and Color of Change. Each charity is chosen at the beginning of every month and the percentage is donated on the last day of said month. If you have any specific charity you would like for us to look into to donate to, please feel free to contact us at donations@ivoryandjade.com